Minimal-Sedation Dentistry

Dental anxiety is a very real and very common condition. Millions of people experience feelings of nervousness and dread when faced with a dental visit. For some, the anxiety is so bad that they almost never see a dentist. As a result, their smile and oral health declines dramatically.

Dr. Wooten is a friend and ally to fearful patients. Along with his team, he puts patients at ease and lets them know that he understands their concerns. Using safe, effective sedation methods Dr. Wooten has helped countless patients experience comfortable, stress-free dental care.

Almost anyone with dental anxiety is a candidate for Minimal-Sedation dentistry

Minimal-Sedation dentistry gives Dr. Wooten the opportunity to perform several procedures in a single visit, reducing the number of office visits you have to make, time will seem to fly during your sedation dentistry appointment.

Dr. Wooten helps patients cope with dental anxiety and approach dental visits confidently.


What to Expect at Your Sedation Dentistry Appointment

When you and an escort arrive at the office for your treatment, you will be seated in a treatment room and made as comfortable as possible.  Our highest priority is, your health and safety.  Thus, your blood pressure, pulse, and blood oxygen levels will be continuously monitored with electronic sensors before, during, and after your sedation and you will not be left alone at any time during your sedation.  Your health and safety will always be our highest priority.    

 At home you will be expected to relax and take it easy for the rest of the day, so you may wish to have some DVD’s or other simple entertainment ready and waiting.  Most patients report that they take a nap upon arriving home, and then have a light meal.

You will need to arrange for a family member or close friend to accompany you to the office on the day of treatment, and be responsible for your After Care (i.e. driving you home, making sure you are comfortable at home, staying with you for the day).  Plan to wear comfortable clothes.  We provide blankets, but if you prefer, you may bring your favorite light blanket from home.